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Who are innovators of Industry 4.0 in Ukraine?

Innovation and high-tech ecosystems are in fast development in Ukraine. Investors or end user can find tens of innovators in finance sector, or agri-culture, education, public services and so on. But the specific of digitalization is in understanding of difference among all those segments. Because of the innovative solutions and innovators themselves are very different. So, every customer or investor should well understand which target segment and what kind of innovator he or she look for.

Typically, Industry 4.0 is about next stage of Smart manufacturing. The concept covers also industrial applications in Energy, Infrastructure and Logistic.  In Ukraine, Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine develops the national movement «Industry 4.0» since 2016. Last year Association issued the special analytic report ‘Landscape Industry 4.0 in Ukraine’. It describes all aspects of industrial innovation in Ukraine in the context of worldwide Industry 4.0.

Landscape presents around 80 local innovators spread through 16 technology sub-segments.

The reader can realize the domination of companies in AI / Big data segment, but other segments are also in fast growth such as Additive manufacturing and Industrial Internet of things (IIoT). Full report can be downloaded on Ukrainian by link

In spite of popular myth about ‘brain drain’ from Ukraine, this Landscape 4.0 shows the strong potential, taking account that real number of such companies should by multiply at least by 2. It should also be noticed that we have 70% of those companies working in Ukraine, 50% on this landscape are product companies, 20% are system integrators and just 30% company work for abroad customers in the outsourcing model.

The customer issue is rather knowing exactly about such companies. ‘Who is who’ is not easy question for new foreign investor that is going to establish its new facility in Ukraine, or just looking for quality maintenance teams on sub-contracting. Meanwhile they exit in every region. Let’s imagine you are CEO for an automotive components plant (there are tens ones on Western Ukraine). The Center of this region is L’viv city (70 km from Polish border). One day you might have an issue with concern to IT or Industrial Automation. In L’viv we have not just big and well know multi-service leaders as Softserve or Eleks. There are also small, but very experienced system integrators specialized in narrow segment and applications of Industrial Automation. Intramotion is a good such example. Their specialization covers the automation of wide range of conveyor systems, automation of discrete processes in food, automotive, fast moving consumer goods, healthcare, tobacco and tissue. Their automation vendors are first class automation vendors, such as Festo, Flexlinks, Omron and many others. Intramotion provides complete solutions and services in Ukraine for subsidiaries of such brands as Nestle, Mondalez, SKF, Phillip Morris and others. These customers do not need to invite Control system integrators from their home country, the service can be done here in Ukraine, with correct quality and quite accessible price. Moreover, if customers want modern solutions based on Industry 4.0, Intramotion can also provide best experience and solutions based on technologies, like IIoT or big data analytics.

It is just an example. In Ukraine we have 50+ qualified control system integrators working in different segments and industries. As well we have hundred strong IT-integrators.

It worth to know this potential. As many Ukrainian regions feel more and more deficit of cheap labor force, the right solution can be found in fast automation. Right design bureau, or software developers, process engineering or system integrators are in good quality and high number in Ukraine. So, it is just a question how to find them, exactly to your specific need and application.

Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine will be happy to answer on such demands. Please address to

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