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AI, Big Data and Robotics

Webinar: Impact of AI, Big Data and Robotics on CO2 reduction

29 March 2023 – 31 March 2023

General description

Artificial intelligence, big data and robotics are key enablers for addressing the challenges of the EU’s digital and green transition in key areas such as industrial production, the Green Deal, mobility and healthcare.

The Adra-e project engages in a comprehensive dialogue with key European players in the field of artificial intelligence, big data and robotics to address these major challenges.

Webinar audience

Members of the AI, data and robotics communities, including research organizations, associations related to ADR technologies, developers and experts in the field, government officials and policymakers, citizens and civil society.

Webinar programme Impact of AI, Big Data and Robotics on CO2 reduction

The programme will include lectures from industry and start-ups, panel discussions, and workshops. Participants will have the opportunity to voice their needs, discuss challenges and offer recommendations that can directly influence the future of digital transformation in Europe.

Each of the 3 days will revolve around a specific area:

  • Day 1 – Manufacturing, Energy Production & Distribution
  • Day 2 – Transport Ways & Hubs
  • Day 3 – City & Country

The detailed programme

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