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TOP-4 RFID cases from the company from Ukraine

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Continuous modernization is one of the basic components of business competitiveness. This is especially true for Ukraine, where the real sector of the economy is almost constantly in extreme conditions. But leading companies are looking for and finding ways of development.

Over this decade, one of the technologies that combines physical space with computing systems, which significantly increases the manageability and efficiency of business processes, has emerged – Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), a method of contactless identification of objects in which data is read or recorded using radio signals. RFID-based system requires 3 components: tag, reader and integration software.

For more than 10 years, we at Smart Cards Company of Ukraine have been integrating RFID into the work of enterprises in all industries. Let’s talk about the TOP-4 cases with this technology in Ukraine.


Kusto-agro is a global international company involved in the agricultural sector of Ukraine and six other countries. The company has implemented a project on crop production and grain storage. The agricultural sector has its own peculiarities – up to 5% of product costs occur during its transportation and storage due to fraud or errors. To stop losses, the company has attracted the best modern solutions for process automation. 

Thus, with the help of tags under the windshield of grain trucks and readers at checkpoints, it was possible to completely eliminate the human factor at the stage of logistics and grain weighing. During the registration of the truck, the dispatcher automatically receives the tag number of the car, which is unique and cannot be forged. Moreover, if you try to deliberately remove the tag, it is destroyed, identification and passage of the car to the territory become impossible. 

Thus, Kusto-Agro has overcome the main method of organized theft, when identical grain trucks follow to the elevator, and part of the grain is unloaded from one of them. Then, during weighing, the license plates of the cars are changed and one car goes through the weighing process twice, while the other remains unweighed.

In addition, the process of passing control points was automated, which significantly increased the throughput, and therefore increased the efficiency of the elevator.


Ukrtransnafta is the national operator of the main oil pipeline system of Ukraine. Previously, the company usually used stickers with inventory numbers to conduct an inventory of fixed assets, information from which was recorded in a journal and manually transferred to the management system. The speed of this method of accounting is low, especially since the number of fixed assets is constantly growing. 

The company decided to optimize the business process and involve a modern radio frequency identification system. Paper stickers and paint markings were replaced by smart RFID tags, and visual comparison of numbers was replaced by high-performance handheld readers and special software. Already during the first inventory, the system showed itself from the best side – the duration of the inventory decreased by 5 times, and the accuracy increased to 99%. 

ATB (Logistic Union)

Logistics Union, the logistics division of ATB, due to the specifics of this business, long ago came to the need to automate the inventory of fixed assets, when employees were faced with the unreliability and slowness of the “classic” use of stickers with inventory numbers and manual journaling. All this had to be transferred to 1C by typing on a PC. As usual, the efficiency of this approach was extremely low: numbers were lost and erased, errors often occurred during the transfer and at the time of entering the data into the system the data was not only inaccurate, but also outdated.

During the analysis of business processes, we developed a solution for the company – to use a dual RFID+QR scheme and equip employees with Alien H450 handheld universal readers. In order to reduce the cost of the project, RFID tags are used for high-value assets, and codes for low-value ones. This minimalistic but powerful scheme is supported by our specially developed software. 

As a result, the speed of inventory has increased by 4-6 times, and the reliability and accuracy of the data flow have increased – this also reduces the cost of purchasing additional fixed assets.


Kernel Agro Holding has been managing the Myrhorod elevator since 1996. The company has brought this grain storage facility with a capacity of 134 thousand tons out of the crisis and made it profitable.

The elevator has 7 auto-loading points – such a scale of logistics makes this grain storage an interesting challenge for the implementation of RFID system.

The task of bringing the control and accounting system to the advanced standards resulted in the project “Identification of vehicles and control perimeter at the enterprise”.

RFID technology was used to identify vehicles at the elevator. An RFID tag with an electronic chip inside is attached to each car that enters the elevator gate. RFID controllers and antennas are now installed at the process points, which capture data from RFID tags that have fallen into their receiving area and transmit this data for processing. Data from this tag is linked in the computer program “Elevator Management” to a particular vehicle and algorithms are activated. From this moment, the RFID tag for the car becomes like a primary pass for the implementation of processes at all stages.

As a result, the turnover of the Myrhorod elevator has reached a new level – it can reach about 324 thousand tons of accepted and shipped grain per year.

    Time brings new challenges, but, as the experience of leading companies shows, early automation of processes can strengthen the endurance of the business, contribute to the speedy recovery and lay the foundation for growth.

Sergiy Salata, CEO of Smart Cards Ukraine (ARDIX)

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